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Chapter components

Depending on available class time and resources, the flexibility of Cartelera allows the instructor to choose how students complete the chapter activities. Some exercises may be assigned for homework while others are better suited to pair or group work in class that will optimize the development of student collaboration and communication skills.


Resumen de la película. This brief account provides an overview of the main characters and events presented in each film. Without giving away too many details, students will be better prepared to comprehend the film.

Para empezar. A series of open-ended questions based on topics that will be explored in the chapter. Questions relate the topics presented in the film to students’ lives, ask for opinions, and check students’ previous knowledge of cultural topics.

Temas de investigación. Provides a starting point for students to familiarize themselves with some of the main cultural, social, and historical themes that will be explored in the films. Students are asked to conduct basic research and present their findings to the class.

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Vocabulario. Offers a list of words and phrases taken from the context of the film. New terminology is recycled throughout the chapter activities to reinforce meaning and help students incorporate it into their active vocabulary. All vocabulary items are given in Spanish with an English translation.

Actividades. Vocabulary activities are based on the words and phrases from the chapter list and are designed to provide additional practice and reinforcement. Activities include matching, fill- in-the-blank, multiple choice, word groups, and more open-ended activities to elicit the word in a sentence or a definition.


Contenido y discusión

Los personajes. Students will identify the characters using their own words and describe specific aspects of each, such as personality, characteristics, profession, activities, and relationships.

¿Quién lo dijo? Students must identify the characters associated with and the context in which quotes taken from the films appear.

Comprensión de la trama. These multiple choice or short answer questions are designed to verify students’ comprehension of the main story line.

Conversación y análisis. These open-ended questions are designed to stimulate discussion in small groups or as a class. Here, students have the opportunity to discuss, narrate, give examples, compare, describe, analyze, assert their opinion, and support their ideas in the target language.


Práctica gramatical

Actividades. Each chapter includes a series of grammar activities that are specifically designed to review structures commonly Crimen del padre Amarotaught or recycled at the intermediate level.


Interpretación y creación

Debate. Based on prominent themes presented in the films, students will work together to analyze characters and events, formulate and defend opinions, and present evidence to support their arguments.

Dramatización. Students use their imagination to produce an original dialogue based on what they think could happen in these guided situations.

Temas de escritura. Multiple formats and writing styles are explored in each chapter to encourage students to develop task-appropriate strategies for written expression, ranging from informal letters to academic essays.