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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Introduce themselves and request personal information from others on a variety of topics such as health, travel, and the family
  • Greet others and appropriately handle social interactions
  • Maintain a conversation with native speakers and use courtesy phrases
  • Order a meal and shop for vegetables, fruits, clothes, and sweets
  • Ask about, describe, and compare different things, people, objects, and scenes
  • Use adjectives to easily talk about, describe, and compare past, present, and future situations
  • Ask for services, give instructions, and provide directions
  • Use language freely in order to deal with different social and cultural situations such as meals, funerals, weddings, and jokes
  • Interact appropriately with others at a variety of locations such as the barber shop, hotel, border crossing, check point, and airport
  • Narrate and describe specific life experiences, trips, and social occasions using present, past, future, and the imperative
  • Participate actively in conversations in most informal and formal settings by using language and cultural expressions to make requests, express, describe, and compare preferences